Hello, from Cotta

Everything we do at Cotta points to two overarching goals:
Transforming the representation of black people in visual media;
Enabling black creators to get paid and in turn have their work recognised.

Here's why we think it's a mission worth pursuing:
History has always favoured those who hold the pen, or own the lens. Narratives portrayed about black people are rarely in our favour. Our mission is to provide the world a colourful array of visual assets that represent our stories - as told by us.

For creators, there are many platforms that feed the world with amazing images, but few are built with the interests of creators at the heart. When we say community-built platform, it’s not just a buzzword. Cotta is powered by the same people it seeks to serve. Our priority is to leverage technology to amplify the work of black creators and ensure they are rewarded fairly.

For the community, black enterprise is booming across the globe and isn't slowing down anytime soon. We know how difficult it is to get your business off the ground with a constrained budget. We want to ensure that these businesses can access images that are relevant to their audience, at an affordable price.

For the future, technology is at the centre of this fast-changing world, birthing an ecosystem that rewards creators for their value and takes individual creativity worldwide. We’re here to make sure that black creators have a seat on the plane before things really start to take off.

We believe the most exciting thing about a community powered platform is that all of you will shape what Cotta becomes. We're at the start of an amazing journey that will unravel how best we can serve you and ultimately serve the world. Your personal vision has a place as part of this collective.

Let's have fun and share black creativity with the world!

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